Breathe deep and relax.

Floatation therapy as a tool for meditation, creativity, rest and recovery.

FLOAT Pod Spa is a place of tranquillity allowing you to leave the outside world and focus on yourself. This spa was architecturally designed to enjoy the luxurious benefits of floating. You’ll enjoy a serene environment to engage your senses. Floatation therapy is used as a tool for meditation, rest and recovery, or to reflect and find inspiration within oneself.

We aspire to provide you with a holistic health treatment from the moment you arrive. You will be greeted by our knowledgeable staff that welcome you to our spa. They are here throughout your visit to assist you with any questions you may have about your experience.

We take cleanliness very seriously. Our pods are top of the line models that are fully filtered and drained after each use. Each pod is fitted with a sophisticated water cleaning system.

The water is cleaned and treated before and after every floating session in four (4) different ways. If there is no floating session, the system cleans and circulates the water in the technical room every 2nd hour automatically.

Only when the floating session begins will the salt water be transferred into the pod. There is no used water in the pods. The high concentration of Epsom salts is a natural disinfectant, and we take the time to thoroughly sterilize the pods after each use to ensure strict hygienic standards are met. Learn more about Your First Visit.

Above all else, enjoy the calmness of your mind and body in a completely relaxed state within a holistic and natural environment.

A Brief History of Floating

Floating and the use of flotation therapy tanks originated in the 1950s when Dr. John C. Lilly a neuroscientist began studying the effects of isolation and limited sensory stimulation with the objective to free the mind of all distractions and outside noise. Since then, floating has proven to offer many benefits far greater than its initial purpose for the mind, body and soul. It is particularly helpful for those with chronic stress or pain. Today, float pod spas are popping up around the world and are widely popular with repeat visitors.

In Canada, floatation therapy is recommended as a non-medicinal treatment to pain and stress relief. Of course you should always consult your physician and let them know of your floating therapy sessions as full insight into your health and wellbeing plan.

About the Pods we use.

We use authentic Float SPA ® Premium Floating Tank Systems. This model is a top of the line product, engineered for optimal performance and user experience. This would be a considered a high end product in the line of floatation devices. The pods we use have an external water reservoir tank that utilizes a complex water treatment hygiene system. It’s a technologically advanced unit with a futuristic design that includes 62 underwater LEDs for light therapy, 10 colours with colour programmes, aromatherapy and optional underwater music therapy.

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