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BioWaves Colour Therapy Glasses

Colour Therapy is simply using colour to assist the body in healing. Emotions and moods can be affected by the use of each shade. Each hue’s vibration is associated with different attributes and qualities. Sunlight contains all the colours of the spectrum and your body feeds on each hue to alter your mood. We offer 10 different colours for a range of different desired affects.

Colours available:

  • Red - increased levels of energy and confidence.
  • Orange - social confidence, joyfulness and more enjoyable personal relationships.
  • Yellow - easing of depression, greater self-esteem, empowerment and confidence.
  • Green - rest, relaxation, purity, calmness and stress reduction.
  • Aqua - loving expressiveness.
  • Blue - clear communication, confidence and mental relaxation.
  • Indigo - accurate perception, greater intuition and awareness.
  • Violet - selflessness, generosity and enhanced artistic ability.
  • Magenta - relaxation and stabilizing emotions.
  • Light Pink - suppressed appetite and relaxation.

Boutique Items are Available In-Store Only.

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