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What can I expect in a pod?

When you arrive at FLOAT you are welcomed to begin a relaxing experience. Our facility has been architecturally designed to enrich your float pod experience even before your submerge in one of our pods. To begin, your pod experience is private - you undress, prepare and experience the session in a private room specifically designed to enhance your visit. The room is equipped with a private shower, fresh towel, disposable ear plugs, soaps, shampoo and conditioner from the all-natural Canadian made Oneka product line. Your belongings can remain with you within your room.

As you enter the pod, there is an brief welcome speech that commences before the floating session starts. The pod begins to fill with crystal clear and clean, hygienic salty water that contains the highest grade of 30% epsom salt.

During your floating session you are floating effortlessly on the surface of the salty water and enjoying a weightless, silent, peaceful, body warm environment with no light or sound so your brain can relax in sensory deprivation. You’ll get into a deep meditative state automatically, or ‘theta state’. In this state of mind research shows your body and brain can regenerate 4-5 times faster than during sleeping. This is a very effective way to get rid of stress and relax. The water and air temperature are regulated to a comfortable, neutral skin temperature which enhances the feeling of floating to feel as though you are floating in the air. Floating creates a place free from distractions and allows for our mind, body and soul to relax, repair, and rejuvenate.

When you’re finished your experience you can now emerge from the pod and take a shower . You’ll notice that the pod will begin to empty and the whole amount of salty water is pumped through the complex 100% water removal filtration system.

What to bring and how to prepare.

We supply a fresh towel, disposable ear plugs along with soap, shampoo and conditioner from Oneka, a Canadian made product line all in your own private shower within the individual pod rooms. Breathe deep and relax, and enjoy the experience. After your pod experience take a shower and relax in our post-float lounge.

Here are some tips on how to optimize your experience:

  • Avoid shaving 12 hours before your float.

    The high concentrations of Epsom salt could irritate the skin. Wait until after your float to shave.

  • Hydrate yourself.

    It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day especially before your float. Being dehydrated can cause you to feel symptoms which can alter your state of well-being.

  • Salon appointment?

    Like the recommendation to avoid getting your hair wet in chlorine after you’ve coloured your hair, you should wait at least a week before entering into the pod. Dyes may bleed out due to the reaction with the high concentration of Epsom salts. Consult your stylist before floating.

  • Extend the benefits of your float session.

    Combine your float with a relaxing rest. Take the time to relax in the resting room and enjoy the calm and soothing surroundings.

  • Get ready with us.

    We offer a warm room equipped with a blow dryer, sink and vanity.

  • Leave the cup of Joe for after.

    Caffeine (coffee, tea, soda, sport drinks) should be avoided. Stimulants may interfere with allowing your mind to relax.

  • When nature calls.

    Use the restroom facilities before entering into the pod. It’s best to avoid any distractions.

  • Give yourself time to digest.

    Eat a light meal at least an hour before your float. You’ll want to allow your food time to digest so your body won’t be disturbed while you float. Don’t go hungry either. You’ll end up distracted and thinking about food, taking away from the float experience.

  • Lounge around before and after.

    Arrive 20 minutes before your session to allow yourself time to acclimatize to the calming surroundings and slow down prior to your deeper experience. Stay with us 20 minutes after your session to enjoy complimentary water and tea while relaxing in our lounge.

  • Ouch! Salt in the eyes?

    Not to worry. In every pod there is a wash cloth just in case you touch your eyes after getting wet.

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